In one sentence: We do not want your data, we want to protect faces and identities!

    This Privacy Policy describes how FACEOUT represented by Martin Kluska, Martin Santorcl and Patrik Prepsl (hereinafter referred to as "FACEOUT" or "We") not-collects, not-processes, not-shares any of your personal information (hereinafter referred to as "DATA") when you download and use FACEOUT app (hereinafter referred to as "APP").


    1) Only DATA used if APP is connected online and in direct use

    • Anonymous number of photos with number of faces detected for global stats
    • Advanced settings “send suggestion” is sending only values without any other information about device or user
    • APP use Fabric Analytics https://fabric.io/privacy


    2) How We fill cleared/deleted EXIF and TIFF photo data to anonymise photography source and location

    • model: face😇ut Camera
    • image description: Download face😇ut camera at http://faceout.me
    • artist: The anonymus
    • gps: latitude: 25, longitude: 71
    • area information: faceout Triangle (Bermuda Triangle)

    3) Links to External Content Resources

    Our Services may contain some services or links that may direct you to other websites, services or external content resources which are outside of our control. We are not responsible for such direction and the privacy of any Personal Data which you provide on other websites.


    4) Cookies and other Technologies

    The Services may interact with the Company’s website and the cookies or other technologies implemented in the website.These technologies help us to understand user behaviours, how and when the Services are used, and which Service is the most popular. Whenever we use cookies, your Personal Data will be fully pseudonymized. With the exception of strictly necessary cookies, you will have the right to opt out of the cookies and other technologies. To do so, you will need to manage your preferences in your web browser or directly on the www.faceout.me website. Please note that our Services and Software are designed to work with cookies and other technologies, and disabling them may affect your usage of our Services or Software. We do not exchange cookies with any third party, except with third parties working with us to provide our Services to you as listed above.


    5) Changes to this Privacy Policy

    The FACEOUT may change and update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The FACEOUT will notify you of any material changes or additions to this Privacy Policy via APP or www.faceout.me website.



    Date of Issue: 29 November 2017